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About us


SWEEP Enviro is an IIT Bombay (SINE) based Environment solution organisation founded by four IITB graduates to serve public and private organisations from in-house experts as well as experts from IITs on a wide range of strategic and site specific environmental and sustainability issues. We specialise in providing strategic advice to clients in energy, air, water and waste management sectors. SWEEP Enviro is committed to deliver quality and feasible solutions in timely bound manner.

  • To Re-Invent the ‘ GO GREEN ’ concept & incorporate it into the Corporate Culture
  • Identify the Functional Areas in the industry that need refurbishment
  • Provide Consultancies with feasible solutions at very competitive prices


"Identifying critical areas in the industries where refurbishment is imminent for going Greener and providing appropriate technology for feasible solutions at competitive prices.

  • "Serving our clients by providing consultancies in the best available technologies sourced from public and private organisations in customized form under the expert guidance-team of IITians and associates from premier institutes across the globe".
  • "Implementing innovative ideas" in unexplored domains in order to preserve the Environment and the Ecological Balance
  • Developing strategies for the Corporate for Optimum utilization of CSR funds so as to uplift the underprivileged & the Economically backward
  • Believe in continually upgrading the Know-How and creating human capital for the Nation; a motivating factor in achieving our vision of being a Reliable, Resourceful & Regenerating Environmental Firm.