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Green Buildings

green ideas for sustainable buildingsHow do you make a building “green” or “sustainable”?

Conventional Buildings consumes more energy, water and natural resources. We help our clients to understand green ideas for sustainable buildings. Our software expertise provides solutions before the execution phase so as to integrate it in to core planning.

We at SWEEP Enviro provide consultation for green building certification in accordance with green ratings of LEED India, IGBC and GRIHA for all types of buildings.

Our façade expert team will help you to decide façade type, orientation, glass type and material, façade safety etc.

Our plumbing design experts provide complete green plumbing solutions to reduce water and energy usage.

Services under green building category

  1. Green rating consultation
  2. Building Energy Simulation
  3. Climate Analysis
  4. Glass Façade Design
  5. Green Plumbing