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Water & Waste Water

Bespoke projects for waste water treatment are delivered here. Latest technologies are supplied with expert opinions from premier institutes like IIT. Pioneering jobs are done for natural resource conservation using natural treatment systems (NTS). We offer due diligence for the contaminated site for industries and governments. We provide Ground water modelling and surface water modeling. We do provided tertiary treatments like advanced oxidation process.

  • Design of STP,ETP,CETP
        • Customer based solutions
        • Zero Liquid discharge (ZLD)
  • Efficient Sanitation Technology
        • Improved septic tank (Based on PSRT)
  • Advanced treatment systems
        • Advanced oxidation Technologies
  • Natural treatment systems (NTS)
        • Constructed Wetland Designs
        • Tertiary treatment using NTS
  • Remediation of contaminated site
        • Surface & Ground water monitoring
        • Study of contaminated sites
        • InSitu / Ex Situ treatment
  • Software expertise for Ground water Modelling
        • MODFLOW-SURFACT Flow
        • Visual MODFLOW Flex
        • AquaChem
        • Aquifer Test Pro
  • Software for Surface water modeling
        • SMS (The Surface Water Modeling System)
  • Water quality assessment
  • Water audit
  • Survey of Water Bodies
  • Rain Water Harvesting